Good Website Design Through Illustrated Maps


The success or failure of a website is determined by how users use and benefit from the visual design. A visitor of a page is that user who clicks his mouse and decides what to do next with the site. You must have a valid reason why you need to create a useful website. Adding illustrated maps will enhance more interesting websites especially when it directs to a location.

How Users Think of a Good Website Design

A developer has to understand how users interact, how they think, and what to expect in these websites. Essentially, how users behave on the Internet is no different from customers visiting a retail store. Online visitors check new pages, read through each texts, and click on the first link that attracts their attention. A large part of the page may in fact be something they don’t look at all. Adding illustrated maps can find a sense of interest to your site, especially when it’s nicely designed. Here are what users do to your website:

  • Recognizecredibility and high quality


The pages of your website must contain good quality content. Do note that good content is more valuable than having a good web design. If you add irrelevant advertisements and designs, you may compromise the content. It’s one reason why some sites do not draw traffic to their site.


  • Findingsimple designson your website


Ask your web designer to design a simple but appealing site. It’s a way to draw your website from meeting customer’s expectation. You may wish to have illustrated maps to best define your location.


  • Scanningwebsite pages.


Users find it time consuming to scan everything in your website; so they just click on the link that is important to them. They want it fast yet simple.


  • Controlling browsers.


Users depend on the presentation of your website. They prefer having the page coming out fast on browsers. They also want to return to previous pages easily.


  • Following their intuition.


Let users trust your business by having recognizable links. Let them read through the site. It’s a way to have them stick to your site. You may want to add illustrated maps to enhance the appearance of your

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