How To Create A Professional Website For Your Business


A website for courier companies will not succeed with content or design alone. It is important to provide the best user experience while maintaining a style that is not hard to understand. Beauty is subjective and the same can be said of web design but there are a number of fundamental rules that should be taken into consideration when creating the look of your business website.

  • Take the minimalistic approach and avoid clutter. Visitors on your website are not going to read everything written on the page but what they mostly do is scan the page and only look for keywords especially if they are looking for something. Make use of this information by influencing the behaviour of the readers and not focus on the word count alone. Readers are most likely to remember things on your site if they are not overwhelmed with too many texts and images.
  • Remember to put into action the concept of visual hierarchy. Technology has evolved so much that designers now have the freedom to arrange a website’s content in a way that the readers will easily understand. Visitors will only stay a few seconds on the site and if they think the layout is not leading somewhere, they will instantly leave but if you arrange it with visual hierarchy in mind they will continue to scroll in order to find out where the breadcrumbs lead to.
  • Don’t forget to factor in readability. This is the level that determines how easy or difficult it is to read your website – the phrases, words and sentences therein. Contrast is one of the main factors that impacts readability. This refers to the contrast of the background with the text that makes it easier to read.
  • Navigation is important. Visitors must be able to navigate your website with ease rather than guessing where to go next. This simple mistake can be the reason for them to quite the website and look for courier companies that can offer the same services they are looking for. Make sure to take extra caution when designing the menu, provide vertical navigation and link your logo so it comes back to the homepage when clicked on.
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Tips For A Faster Loading Website


You might be wondering why your website featuring your business as solar installers on the Gold Coast are not gathering much leads and conversion. The culprit might be the loading speed of your website. A fast website is an important requirement if you have a business that runs through an ecommerce site. There is no question that faster websites are preferred by users compared to slow ones.

This does not apply to huge businesses alone but even to local businesses and startups. There are three reasons why a website’s speed is important. First, the speed affects the ranking of the website on search engine’s results. Secondly, customers are more likely to visit fast loading pages. Third, everything is now accessed through mobile devices and customers are not willing to wait for your site to load on their phone but move on to other sites instead.

There are many ways by which a website’s speed can be improved. The most essential one is the back end of the website which points to its web hosting. It is understandable that small businesses and startups with little investment capital to prefer cheap website hosting but this is where the problem lies. These web hosting companies accepts customers regardless if their servers can deliver a fast result. If this is the case, you might want to switch to Solid State Drive with no moving parts and operating on electronic devices alone. This is the reason why SSDs are very fast compared to traditional hard drives.

Another thing you have to look into is the images on your website. It must be optimized in order to load faster. Make sure you are using the highest quality image to begin with before you crop it. After cropping, get the image size and optimize it by up to 60 per cent. This will ensure that you still have the best image quality but loading at high speed.

Lastly, if your site for solar installers on the Gold Coast is utilizing third party resources, make sure these are not the reasons why your site is loading slower. Do this by determining the page load as well as the performance goals. Once the new content is added, measure its impact. Do this every time a new feature is added.

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