The Rhum is an avenue for different writers to provide information regarding web design and its specific areas which constitute the industry in general. Providing different content from creative pieces on web design concepts to technical information about how to enhance your website’s performance through web design, The Rhum delivers these articles for the people to access them easily whenever they need to.

The Rhum: Its Humble Beginnings

The Rhum started with Alfredo Joseph and his goal to educate readers with web design. Seeing as most people before do not have interest in web designing and are not informed on what web designing is and how it can affect the performance of a website, Alfredo Joseph sees the deep need to improve the online world and the different websites which reside in it.
Alfredo Joseph started calling his friends, who are experts in the industry too, to form a team that will help people in improving their websites. The team is composed of dedicated people who know what they are doing and who are well-aware of the importance of web design.

Featured Web Design Blogs

There are a lot of different blogs about web designing and while some are not helpful, others are very beneficial. The Rhum recognizes excellent materials when it sees one which is why it features great web design blogs which are worth your time. By promoting these blogs, The Rhum is also able to help the bloggers be appreciated and for people who need the information to meet with the bloggers.

The Latest Advancements on Web Design

Besides featuring web design blogs, The Rhum also reports the latest advancements and innovations in the field of web design. Since there are a lot of improvements and changes which happen every day, The Rhum promptly reports them so that the people are well informed and can make smarter decisions.