Customer Reviews As Free Advertisements For A Company


Many online retailers wrongly assume that having a website is enough to earn them money. Experts in the industry will tell you that this is not the case because there are many factors that contribute to success like building a strong online presence.

One of the ways to generate a strong online presence is through customer reviews. First of all, customer reviews are free advertisements with content that is beneficial to SEO. Search engines take into account the number of times that the business’s name appears on online review sites in search engine results ranking.

Customer reviews improve trust and confidence in your business and give you an edge over competitors who do not make the effort to request for feedback from their customers. When there is improved trust and confidence on the business, conversion rates can be expected to increase.

Meanwhile, businesses fear unfavourable reviews because it might damage their reputation. Lack of negative reviews may lead to customers suspecting censorship. One negative review from a disgruntled customer can be offset by a number of good reviews. Besides that, the way that a business responds to an unhappy customer can turn the situation completely. Once you have resolved the problem, you will regain the customer’s trust.

Customers have the freedom to express their opinions. However, you will notice that the king kong advertising review for a digital marketing agency puts in the company in the best light. The digital agency has exerted their best efforts to ensure that their clients are happy and satisfied with the service provided to earn them good reviews.

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How To Persuade Customers To Leave A Review


Many businesses are aware of the importance of reviews but the problem is some customers cannot be persuaded to leave a review. Businesses must try to find a way to encourage customers to leave a review without coming across as desperate.

How to increase the number of customer reviews

  • Even if you need the feedback of your customers, do not flood the site with call-to-action begging for reviews. Be subtle in requesting for reviews but make sure that the customer is aware that his feedback is well appreciated.
  • Make it easy for your customer to leave a review. If the customer has already logged in to the site, they must not validate themselves again to leave their feedback.
  • Customers need to be reassured that their feedback is valuable to the business. You can put the reviews in places where users can easily see them. For example, product pages can include links to reviews immediately after the price so that they won’t be missed.
  • Request reviews from more recent customers. Send them an email asking whether they enjoyed the product and if they are willing to share their experience with others.
  • If you have a community of followers on Twitter and Facebook, post a link to a review page next to a question asking them about their experience with the product or service.

However, a digital marketing agency believes that a favourable king kong agency review can be easily gained by providing clients with an experience that is beyond their expectations. If clients are happy with the service, they would willingly tell people how they loved the service.

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Choosing Between Wool And Down Comforter


When you are buying a comforter, the choice usually depends on whether wool is better than down. Wool is a natural fibre that comes from sheep and other animals like goats. The best quality of wool comes from the Merino sheep. On the other hand, down comes from duck and goose feathers. A comforter that is filled with down is light in weight but delivers efficient warmth during cold nights.

Wool vs. down comforter

One of the first questions to ask when choosing between a wool and down duvet is how well it regulates temperature. Insulation is not the only important thing to enjoy a comfortable sleep; the body needs to remain at a stable temperature not warm or toasty. The best duvet filling must keep the body cool as the temperature rises.

Duvets filled with goose down are good insulators because they trap a lot of air. The drawback to a down duvet is it doesn’t breathe very well. When it starts to get really warm in bed, the tendency is to sweat. The moisture that will be left behind will get trapped making you feel clammy and uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, wool has natural insulating capabilities that trap dry and warm air near the skin during cold nights but helps pull away heat and moisture from the body when it is warm. A wool duvet ensures a good night’s sleep regardless of whether the climate is warm or cold.

If you are one of those who suffer from allergies, your best option is a duvet that is hypoallergenic. Dust mites can trigger allergic reactions. Wool duvets are considered better for allergy sufferers because it does not trap moisture where dust mites can thrive. You are guaranteed a clean and dry sleep environment with a wool duvet that wicks moisture away when it is warm and keeps you snug when it is cold.

Many people are amazed by comforters made in America because they remain in the best condition even after several washings. There is nothing like having a comforter that is crafted, designed, and made by mothers in the USA particularly nowadays when almost everything is imported from other countries.

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The Important Role Of Illustrations In Picture Books


Illustrations in picture books are very important to the understanding and enjoyment of the story. Picture books are the most characteristic form of children’s literature and hold a prominent place in childhood development.

Illustrations expand, explain, interpret or decorate written text to make it more interesting. Art in the illustrations plays a different role to those in gallery paintings. Art in picture books is more associated with storytelling. In many instances, picture books rely on illustrations to bring life to a setting; something that text cannot always accomplish.

One example is Boundless Grace (1995) where Caroline Binch provides readers with lifelike pictures of the different aspects of the lives of people in Gambia. Readers who have viewed the pictures of houses, marketplace, cloth stall, foods, and animals will easily identify the setting of the story. The illustrator has managed to use pictures to guide readers through a travel to Africa.

Illustrations are very effective in conveying the mood of a picture book. In the Polar Express (1985), Van Allsburg, author and illustrator used a bright and cheery palette that is commonly associated to Christmas. Dull reds, blues, pallid yellows, brown and black were used to portray a mysterious, gloomy and scary mood. The use of dark colours was able to create and maintain an eerie feeling while a young boy watches a magical train make its way to his front yard during Christmas Eve to the wolves-filled forests and the North Pole.

When characters in a picture book are artistically illustrated, it makes them more appealing to child readers. Short stories do not typically allow fully developed characters but illustrations can easily depict situations and emotions that are familiar to children. In a wordless picture book, illustrations can show the character’s actions and reactions to others. Children can understand the true love between a girl and her horse through illustrations.

A wide variety of custom illustrations and unique artwork is created by Maria Rabinky for books, greeting cards, illustrated maps and architectural renderings. Artful illustrations tell more than the eyes can see; they have the ability to tell a complete story that can be easily understood even by children.


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TekSavvy Lawyers Say That Federal Court Of Canada’s Blocking Of Websites Is A Mistake


Recently, a Federal Court of Canada judge ordered internet service providers in the country to block certain websites. Lawyers for the ISP TekkSavvy Solutions says that this move was a mistake, as it was not only overreaching the court’s jurisdiction, but a violation of the freedom of expression, as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

TekkSavvy lawyer Colin Baxter, speaking to a Federal Court of Canada appeal panel, says that the judge saw an issue and understandably wanted to fix it, but in legislative context the judge made a mistake, something that they and law firms like Donich Law would clearly see.

The judge in question rejected an earlier appeal from lawyers, Baxter included, that stated that only the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) had the jurisdiction to handle site-blocking orders. The lawyers noted that the Copyright Act’s statutory scheme didn’t allow for that, something that would be obvious to anyone like Donich Law with a proper reading.

The original verdict by the Federal Court of Canada required 11 ISPs, Teksavvy included, to prohibit access to sites like GoldTV, which were giving users access to copyrighted content without the proper authorization.

The order was sought out by Bell, Rogers and Quebecor’s Groupe TVA and others following two injunction orders didn’t accomplish much against the sites’ anonymous operators. The content remained on the sites and broadcasters wanted to stop people from accessing these sites, which were providing access to their copyrighted content without authorization.

The sites used third-party ISPs, including TekSavvy, Eastlink, Cogeco, Rogers, Communications, Bell Canada, Videotron, and Shaw Communications. Out of these ISPs, Four accepted the blocking order, with the rest taking no position on the matter.

TekSavvy is notably the only ISP fighting against the order, though intervenors like the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association have also gotten approval.

The blocking order was issued back in 2019, and was set to last for 2 years. The Federal Court of Canada will be reviewing the order by the end of 2021. The ISPs have the list of sites that are blocked, with sites being added or removed as deemed necessary.

As of early 2021, none of the original sites the order was targeted at remain on the list.



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Why Customer Reviews Must Be Shared In Social Media


Online review sites are the first places that customers think about when they want to leave a feedback. People who are planning to purchase a product or service will usually check reviews before making a buying decision because reviews provide them with the information that can’t be found in advertisements.

However, businesses should know that the valuable content from customers can be promoted on social media. In spite of the bad press that social media is receiving, the platforms continue to have a captive audience. It will be a missed opportunity not to share customer reviews on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

According to the results of surveys, an average customer will usually read at least 10 reviews before he will trust a business. This means that customer reviews must be promoted to build trust among the audience.

There are third-party review sites that cater to specific industries where customers rate businesses on a 5-star scale. Businesses are listed for free including their information like store hours, location, and reviews. After collecting the reviews left by consumers, it makes sense to choose the most favorable and highlight it on the website. Use an attention-grabbing headline to catch the attention of visitors. You can also use visuals, photographs, and videos when you create the posts.

A digital marketing agency shows its appreciation for the king kong agency reviews it receives by thanking them for their opinion. When customers know that the company values their opinion, they are encouraged to leave their feedback based on their personal experience with the brand.




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How NAFTA Affects Cross-Border Trade In North America


Textile and cross-border trucking are the industries that are most affected by the North American Free Trade Agreement. Tariffs and other barriers to commerce among the North American countries, USA, Canada, and Mexico will be lifted by NAFTA. In the transportation category, NAFTA will remove the restrictions that prevent the US and Mexican truckers from carrying cargoes across the borders.

There would be a 1 to 3-year period of harmonization of the safety and regulatory standards after which motor carriers from the USA will gradually have better access into Mexico including an easing of investment restrictions. After a 10-year phase-in period, trucking providers in the United States will be allowed to fully own a Mexican carrier that can be used for international commerce. Mexico will allow US ship lines to run private terminals with custom brokerage, stevedoring, and warehousing systems.

The agreements involving textiles and apparel have been met with criticism from unions. There were also mixed reviews from American manufacturers of apparel because they are afraid that cheap labour from the south of the border will hurt them. Mexico might be used as a means for producers in Asia and other countries to circumvent quotas set by the US. Under NAFTA, both Canada and Mexico are allowed to ship a specific amount of clothing and textiles to the US every year that are produced from foreign materials.

All the 3 North American countries will eliminate any prohibitions and quantitative restrictions that are applied at the borders like quotas and import licenses. However, each of the countries can still impose border restrictions based on limited circumstances that may include health and environmental reasons.

Barriers to the trade of North American automobiles, trucks, buses, and parts will be removed within the free trade zone. Investment restrictions on the sector will also be removed within the 10-year transition period. However, automotive goods trade between the USA and Canada remains duty-free.

The latest equipment, advanced hardware, and software technologies are being used by Titan Transline so that their team can perform all the daily processes with superior results. Customers can expect quality service, seamless execution, and unwavering commitment to establish cost-effective solutions.

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Biden Digital Campaign Guru Starting Her Own Ad Firm


Megan Clasen, the woman behind a $250mn digital ad program for US President Joe Biden, and Patrick McHugh, the man behind the Democratic party’s last super PAC, recently teamed up with Gambit Strategies, their very own digital ad firm.

According to the two founders, Gambit will focus on digital persuasion, and other issues they deem important. Clasen says that, while people do see a lot of TV firms saying that they can handle digital, there aren’t really too many firms that say they’re digital mobilization and persuasion experts.

This new firm is being established just as a lot of Americans are changing to online and digital platforms, a change that people say was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Notably, the Biden campaign saw its digital ad investment skyrocket the moment he went off to become the former president’s rival for the position. Chasen went from handling a staff with about 3 years to handling a staff of 35 people that spent $20mn weekly. Said campaign and team managed to pull off bold marketing stunts like having ads in shanghai Fox’s News runtime.

McHugh, meanwhile, was recently named Senior Strategist as a consultant at Priorities, was the man in charge of the PAC’s efforts during the 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential elections. These efforts included handling $127mn worth of digital ads across the US, including battleground states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

McHugh boasted that, since 2016, Clasen and him are responsible for handling more digital ads and many a king kong advertising review than any other people in the entire Democratic Party.

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Importance Of Target Market Research For Businesses


Customers today have higher expectations and when their expectations are not met, they share their dissatisfaction online. The reputation of a business can go from great to poor depending on the customer’s feedback. Therefore, when a business commits to an ongoing target market research, it is important to determine how consumers will react to the marketing campaign.

The good news is businesses can hire a digital marketing team that will research, track, and understands the target market. Figuring out the target market starts from research of demographics that will include age, gender, hobbies, dislikes, salary, and many more. Google Trends can be used to find out what consumers are looking for, the type of words they choose to search with and when they are going to search.

The easiest way to put determine the mindset of a typical consumer is to step into the consumer’s shoes. What do you want to see when searching for a product or service? What do you dislike about a brand? How do you use search engines?

The digital marketing team will create content focused on the responses of the target market. In a normal situation wherein the customer is always right, the digital team will predict what the consumer wants even before they know it.

It is typical for a client to post a favourable king kong agency review when he is happy and satisfied with the services of the digital marketing agency. The review provides the company with valuable information in ensuring that their client’s expectations are successfully met.

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Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Digital Agency


Many businesses need a competent and trustworthy digital agency to manage their online marketing requirements. However, the increasing number of digital agencies makes it daunting to find the best that will match with the brand’s goals. When the wrong one is chosen, the marketing budget is quickly drained and impacts negatively on the brand.

Before choosing a digital agency, it is important to determine your needs in terms of brand recognition, SEO, advertising, social media, and graphic design. You must also consider how much you are willing to pay for digital marketing according to your expectations. Good marketers can work within a reasonable budget.

When making a research for a digital marketer, make sure there is a website with an address, client list, and bio. Do not be fooled by cheap rates because there are offshore companies that make big promises but cannot deliver the expected results. Transparency is very important as well as credibility.

There are many industry-specific digital marketers that use the cookie-cutter approach. This is evident in the remnants of the code and content that indicate that they have been used for other businesses. A new approach is what you need to update a stagnant marketing strategy. This includes an evaluation of the client’s industry, online presence, and competitors.

Many digital marketers have innovative ideas because of their years of experience in the industry. To make a good choice read consumer reviews like king kong advertising review from reputable review sites. You will gain an insight into how they do their job and how they think outside of the box.

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Do Not Be A Victim Of Identity Theft During The Holiday Season


Regardless of whether it is a first offense or second offense, being charged of a crime is a serious matter. Donich Law has handled a number of fraud and theft allegations in Toronto. 99% of all single count first offenders were resolved without a criminal conviction. However, past results may not necessarily be indicative of future performances because every case has its own unique facts.

Identity theft and fraud are becoming prevalent in Calgary and the pandemic is not helping at all. Experts have warned people to be extra careful of scams, fraud and other crimes that target bank accounts during the holiday season. According to Statistics Canada, the rise in identity theft and fraud can be attributed to lack of awareness.

Alana Huggins was a victim of identity theft two years ago. She warns people to be more cautious every time they are approached particularly in financial situations. During the new normal, there are few face-to-face interactions so that people do not know whomever they are talking to. Online shoppers are favorite targets because they often let their guard down.

Before providing personal information, it is important to scrutinize the legitimacy of the website and apps they are using. Alana Huggins found out that she was a victim of identity theft when she received a letter that says she owes more than $157,000 for a Land Rover that was purchased in Kelowna, B.C.

Identity crimes have not changed much over the last few years but it is expected that there will be more COVID-related scams. People may call or send phishing email pretending to be from a utility company, from the RCMP saying that there is a warrant of arrest or from the CRA for taxes. Identity-based crimes are difficult to prosecute because the perpetuator is often from a different region or country.

Theft happens in a variety of contexts. Donich Law has a dedicated practice to first offenders who have been charged with theft including employees who have been charged with stealing from their employers. Meanwhile, fraud has the additional element of intent to hide or conceal an unlawful act. Fraud is more aggravating than theft and has higher penalties.

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