TekSavvy Lawyers Say That Federal Court Of Canada’s Blocking Of Websites Is A Mistake


Recently, a Federal Court of Canada judge ordered internet service providers in the country to block certain websites. Lawyers for the ISP TekkSavvy Solutions says that this move was a mistake, as it was not only overreaching the court’s jurisdiction, but a violation of the freedom of expression, as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

TekkSavvy lawyer Colin Baxter, speaking to a Federal Court of Canada appeal panel, says that the judge saw an issue and understandably wanted to fix it, but in legislative context the judge made a mistake, something that they and law firms like Donich Law would clearly see.

The judge in question rejected an earlier appeal from lawyers, Baxter included, that stated that only the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) had the jurisdiction to handle site-blocking orders. The lawyers noted that the Copyright Act’s statutory scheme didn’t allow for that, something that would be obvious to anyone like Donich Law with a proper reading.

The original verdict by the Federal Court of Canada required 11 ISPs, Teksavvy included, to prohibit access to sites like GoldTV, which were giving users access to copyrighted content without the proper authorization.

The order was sought out by Bell, Rogers and Quebecor’s Groupe TVA and others following two injunction orders didn’t accomplish much against the sites’ anonymous operators. The content remained on the sites and broadcasters wanted to stop people from accessing these sites, which were providing access to their copyrighted content without authorization.

The sites used third-party ISPs, including TekSavvy, Eastlink, Cogeco, Rogers, Communications, Bell Canada, Videotron, and Shaw Communications. Out of these ISPs, Four accepted the blocking order, with the rest taking no position on the matter.

TekSavvy is notably the only ISP fighting against the order, though intervenors like the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association have also gotten approval.

The blocking order was issued back in 2019, and was set to last for 2 years. The Federal Court of Canada will be reviewing the order by the end of 2021. The ISPs have the list of sites that are blocked, with sites being added or removed as deemed necessary.

As of early 2021, none of the original sites the order was targeted at remain on the list.



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3 Reasons To Consult A Criminal Lawyer

3 Reasons To Consult A Criminal Lawyer

At some point in your life, you will need a lawyer whether it is to change your name, file for divorce, defend yourself against legal accusations, to authorize somebody in your behalf and many more.  Some of these lawyer engagements are casual and even necessary for legal transactions. However, there may be times when you will need a criminal lawyer and if you are not sure how to go about with it, you might want to look for a law firm, go to their website and set an appointment with the criminal lawyer of your choice. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consult a criminal lawyer:

Criminal charges filed against you

If a criminal charge was filed against you, it is your right to have a lawyer who will defend you. Otherwise, the state will provide a lawyer for you. While government lawyers are free or with minimal fees, you cannot be sure of the quality of the attention given to your case because they generally handle several cases at the same time. Even if you have a good chance at winning the case, if the lawyer is preoccupied with other cases, your argument or defense may weaken.

You want to file criminal charges

In case you want to press charges against a criminal suspect, you will need an expert lawyer who will build and strengthen your case. To know more about the lawyer’s background, go to their website and read his or her qualifications, educational background, experience and testimonials from other clients. It is important for you to hire a qualified criminal lawyer if you want to secure conviction and justice to be served to the perpetrator.

Overall protection of the law

People who are in tricky businesses or activities that easily spurs legal issues may need to contact a criminal lawyer just in case a legal matter comes up. To find a reliable criminal lawyer, check through the internet or if you have a criminal lawyer in mind, go to their website and set an appointment with them. It is crucial to have a lawyer on standby as you never know when you might be confronted with legal issues.

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