Principles Of Effective Website Design

Principles Of Effective Website Design

A website’s design is where the visitors first land their eyes on. So for some obvious reasons it should be captivating and presentable to look at, although the quality of its content is still the most vital. Therefore, there should be a balance of both. Thus, we have to be reminded that a poorly-designed website will not be appealing and will most likely put the website down, lesser visitors, less conversation, less optimization and what not.

To start, the website should have a main purpose. A clear purpose should be indicated in the website in such a way that readers would easily see it and will know exactly what the website has in store for them. Secondly, communication, the purpose why we are building websites is to help people, to look for information they need for school projects and research. Therefore we should develop a tactic to organized the whole content of the website in a communicative sense, in a way that users would not find it difficult of navigate just to find simple answers for their questions. Third, Typefaces, a format in font should always be readable to the visitors, it should be large enough for ideal reading. Then the colors, as it is stated earlier in this article, web design should be captivating and of course it will be dependent on the color combination seen on the website. Vibrancy of colors also conveys emotions, it should be very encouraging and gives a positive feeling to the viewers. Next are the images, it is better to just put relevant images as it is one way of connecting with the viewers. There are people who are more visually stimulated with images rather than reading a whole bunch of text. Another, the navigation, it should have a hierarchy, sorted out categories and sub-categories still for the benefit of the website users. User friendly websites are most likely viewed or visited, take it from Facebook and Twitter. Then, a grid based layout is not only popular and easy to design, it also adds into the user-friendliness of the whole look. Again, it’s not appealing when there’s a lot of things going on the website so it’s better to arrange the contents into sections, rows or columns.

Another, the “F” pattern design, as it is proven in the studies people automatically see most of the left side of the screen upon scanning and the right side is almost unnoticeable. Therefore, it is better to create this pattern to follow people’s usual behavior and their tendency to overlook important contents of the website. Then, there is the loading time, most people are impatient when it comes to waiting for the website to load. To avoid lagging it’s better to upload images of a smaller size, same goes with files and other elements. Lastly, it should be mobile friendly too, people just love mobility and enjoy the feeling of being empowered with gadgets anywhere they go. It will indeed help a website if it’s accessible to smart phones or tablet as well.

One factor to consider upon developing or designing a website is its usability for people and the benefit that they are getting from it. It’s always their needs that should be catered to ensure their return of gratitude.

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How Color Impacts On Readability And User Experience

How Color Impacts On Readability And User Experience

Color is always a deciding factor when a customer makes a purchasing decision. Color can also influence the way a website can form a first impression among web users; it can either catch attention or it can make a viewer dismayed. It is very crucial for the website designer to research on colors that will appeal to a target audience. The results will play a large part in determining the color scheme that is ideal for the website whether it is about children’s clothing, toys, automobiles or packaging supplies.

Factors to consider when choosing a color scheme

Companies usually have their logos and they want the colors to be incorporated into website design. The web designer must be firm enough not to be swayed by the suggestion if the colors of the logo will negatively impact on the aesthetics of the website. It is part of the web designer’s role to be able to explain that some colors are not effective for website design because they have a different meaning in the culture of the target audience.

Text is harder to read on the monitor of a computer than when reading it on paper. If text is light colored, the background of the website must be dark for ease of reading. White background with black text is the most common but other color combinations can be used for navigation links or buttons to generate more attention. Contrast is very important so that text be readable which means that you cannot use yellow for text on a white background even if the client’s favorite color happens to be bright yellow.

Another issue that must be considered is the antiquated graphic hardware of some web users that cannot display color correctly. In order to solve this issue, it is suggested to stick to browser-safe colors of 256 or 216 colors that can be accurately displayed in all kinds of browsers and hardware environments. While this is a limitation that is not always welcomed by web designers, it is the only way to ensure that all web users will be able to view website content at its best. It will also ensure that the site will load quickly.

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How The Right Choice Of Color For Web Design Impacts On The Viewer

Color Schemes

Color is one of the important elements of web design because it affects the mood of the viewers. Web design of Real Housewives of Orange County makes generous use of white space but navigation is highlighted by a purple color that means beauty and inspiration. The combination of white and purple in web design is consistent through the site creating a harmonious effect that achieves the desired results. Having the right color scheme is important in attaining a high quality website that will appeal to visitors.

Understanding the importance of color scheme in website design

In web design, one the first steps is understanding the color wheel where colors are grouped as primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. The combination of colors for the website will depend on format and content and not the favorite colors of the web designer since they may not be apt for the subject of the site. Usually, the choice of the right color combination is made by mixing several colors and determining whether they will work well together. In website design, colors should not be too bright or flashy otherwise they can distract the viewer from the content. Color is often the first thing that will be noticed by the visitor and it is one of the elements that will create a first impression.

Why the right choice of colors matter

The right choice of color stems from its significance to the human mind since there are colors that can express messages or generate certain emotions. For example, red is a bold color that has different meanings among culture and if you will combine red with green it is closely associated to Christmas. Choosing colors for a website is often associated with branding. However, it is also important to consider that colors chosen individually may not work when mixed. Combining colors is an art and it takes a lot of efforts to mix colors that will strengthen the site and promote the brand. In many instances, if the color scheme is limited to 2 or 3 colors with different variations in shade, it means smaller file sizes for faster loading.

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The Process Of Web Design And Development

Web Design and Development

There are numerous steps in web design that were used in building the website for TV Store online. Our website is an integral part of our business that is why all efforts have been made to ensure that it is professionally and creatively designed to optimize the exposure of our Movie costumes. In the competitive world of the internet, it is significant for a business to maximize its exposure on a global basis and the task of web design must be performed by professional website designers and developers.

The process of web design and development

Research – the process of information gathering involves extensive research of the target audience and the market. Research should provide a solid understanding of consumer wants and preferences so that they can be utilized in building the site. Content will be based on the kind of information that potential consumers will look for when they access the site.

Planning – is the process of putting together all information that has been gathered. This will serve as the basis for the content as well as in the development of a navigation system that will be easy to understand. It is always important to keep in mind that the end user will be buying the product and not the search engines.

Design – the target audience must always be considered in website design. For example, TV Store online was designed for consumers who are looking for Movie costumes inspired by popular films. Various elements have been emphasized particularly color to improve user experience.

Development – is the stage where the website is created with elements that include content management system (CMS), interactive contact forms and ecommerce shopping carts. During the development phase, these elements are implemented and made functional.

Testing and delivery – includes the complete functionality of the site and web scripts so that compatibility issues can be solved. Testing will ensure that the website is optimized to be viewed properly in different browser versions. As part of the testing process, the web designer checks whether the codes written for the website validates and meets current web development standards.

Maintenance – after the site has been designed and developed, the work does not end there since the site must be regularly updated with new content and information.

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Importance Of Responsive Web Design For Businesses

Word cloud - web design

According to the global mobile phone statistics released by mobiForge, there are nearly 7 billion mobile subscribers in the world today which is equivalent to 95.5% of the world’s population. If at least 50% of these mobile phone subscribers will use their devices for online shopping, how much sales will an ecommerce site generate? If your website is not optimized for mobile platforms, your business loses the opportunity to make a sale. There is actually a web design that caters to all platforms and this is called the responsive web design.

What is a responsive web design?

By responsive web design, a website appears the same across all platforms. The images, content and structure of the site is the same on a desktop computer and a mobile phone. For example, when a user accesses the site of Ugly Christmas Sweater, he will get a good view of male models wearing crazy sweaters that do not actually look ugly but hilarious. If you use a mobile phone to access the site, what you have seen on the monitor of your desktop computer will retract to fit the small screen of your mobile device. In short, you do not need two different kinds of web designs for various platforms since responsive web design will ensure that your site runs properly on a mobile device no matter the size of its screen.

How much has mobile usage grown?

Hardly is there an individual today who does not own a mobile phone. More and more searches are done using a mobile device than a desktop computer because the phone is more accessible and it does most of the functions of a computer. Approximately 25% of internet users access the web through mobile devices in the United States with 25.85% of emails opened using phones and 10.16% using tablets. Black Friday 2014 broke all records in online shopping. According to new data from IBM, mobile shopping outpaced PC traffic for the very first time. Sites with responsive design like Ugly Christmas Sweater were able to generate online sales through the offer of 5% discount that was clearly visible on the small screen of mobile phones.

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