SEO Web Design Tips

Ask any business operating online, and they’ll tell you that a great website design is important. There’s a reason companies value things like King Kong SEO reviews so much, as it makes sure that people see their sites.

It’s not that hard to get a website that’s search engine friendly, as there are some basic principles and practices that anyone can pick up on. Here’s a few of them.

Make navigation easy

CSS and unobtrusive JavaScripts are great for ensuring that your site’s navigation is SEO ready. With a bit of work, they can even provide a lot of special, fancy effects that get attention. Avoid using Flash, as it doesn’t play well with search engines.

Scripts should be outside the HTML document itself

Externalizing JavaScript and CSS lets search engines view sites faster. They go through everything, you see, so if these things aren’t externalized, then it’ll slow down the search engine, which, in turn, will lead to your site getting bumped down in the pages.

Make sure search engines can read your content

It’s no secret. If you want the glowing praise that King Kong SEO reviews gets, then good content is a must. When designing a site, not only must the structure of the content be good, but the content itself good, packed and meaningful. Text in images should be avoided as much as possible.

URL search friendliness

Even URLs need to be search friendly and easy to crawl through. The best for these tend to be query strings, with keywords that accurately describe a page’s content.  Be careful of dealing with CMS’s that use automatically generated strings for URLs. Good CMS’s let you customize the URL of your sites.

Keep it fresh

Search engines love web pages that have content updated or changed at regular intervals, as it tells them that the site is still alive and kicking. That means that, if you have a blog, or any side content that your regularly update, you should put excerpts of that content on all your web pages. Avoid going for full posts, however, as that tends to lead to duplicate content issues, which can jeopardize SEO.

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Assault Lawyer And The Different Types Of Assault


An assault is an offense that happens when a person intentionally puts another person in a status of fear. It is an attempt or threat to strike a person physically regardless of contact for as long as there is an awareness of the victim on the danger that is involved.

If you are the victim or the culprit of an assault, you need to get an assault lawyer to handle your case. A specialized assault lawyer is an expert in handling assault cases as he or she has already good experience of handling assault cases.

Types of assault

  1. Felonious assault

Felonious assault is an attempted or an unlawful attack done through violence or force that injures another person using weapons. Even if there is no injury on the victim, an attack is considered felonious if the offender uses a weapon.

  1. Physical assault

This type of assault causes grave harm to the body such as before a murder is committed.

  1. Simple assault

This occurs without the use of a weapon causing only minor injuries to the victim.

  1. Aggravated assault

This type of assault uses a weapon, or an increased force is present.

  1. Sexual assault

This involves force without the victim’s consent or against the victim’s will that results inrape, sodomy, molestation, or of the same sexual offense.

  1. Verbal assault

This type of assault is non-physical which results in a mental, psychological, or emotional injury suffered by the victim.

Criminal assault consequences

The penalties of assault crimes and offenses range from imprisonment on the extreme to parole, probation, inhibition to carry weapons, fines, or the extreme opposite, a program on anger management. The penalties, sanctions, and punishments vary, though in other jurisdictions. The factors and variables that impact the penalties of the crime are the historical records of the culprit if there have been similar crimes committed in the past before conviction, the status of the existing parole, and status of the present probation.

Assaults are usually committed by people who have rifts with other people, those who are under the influence of drugs and liquor and other situations that could provoke the commission of the crime.

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How To Build Trust And Credibility Through Web Design


The internet has become the marketplace for different products and services. Online shopping is now the trend primarily due to convenience and ease with which a purchase can be made using a mobile device. However, there are still many people who have concerns over online shopping because of the lack of trust for a site they are not familiar with and the need to give personal information to make a purchase. It is possible to build trust online by implementing certain tricks in web design.

Proven technologies to increase conversions to your site

Payment logos – one of the worst fears of potential customers is to become a victim of identity theft once their credit card information falls into the wrong hands. To ease the mind of consumers, web design must incorporate a payment logo. If one of your secure payment methods for payment is PayPal, then by all means add the PayPal logo near the purchase buttons as well as the checkout page. If you are accredited by Better Business Bureau, make it known to your potential customers by displaying the logo.

Facebook proof – if you have a decent Facebook following, make sure that your visitors know this information. Facebook can help you establish the authority and security of your website particularly if you have 10,000 followers. How many likes and shares does you product generate every time information is posted? This is social proof of credibility. Believe me; the consumer will search your Facebook page before she makes a purchase on your site.

Testimonials – another proof of credibility is testimonials from your satisfied customers. This will attest to the quality of your product or service and it adds a human element to your site. You can easily request from your loyal customers to write a testimonial on their experiences with your site. Most people would usually identify themselves with the people from the testimonials section.

Useful information – in addition to sales content, make sure you post how-to-guides and tips to build trust among your visitors. Many visitors browse through sites hoping they can find useful information. If you have helpful tips for free, the visitor stays on your site longer until you eventually make a conversion.

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