Importance Of Responsive Web Design For Businesses

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According to the global mobile phone statistics released by mobiForge, there are nearly 7 billion mobile subscribers in the world today which is equivalent to 95.5% of the world’s population. If at least 50% of these mobile phone subscribers will use their devices for online shopping, how much sales will an ecommerce site generate? If your website is not optimized for mobile platforms, your business loses the opportunity to make a sale. There is actually a web design that caters to all platforms and this is called the responsive web design.

What is a responsive web design?

By responsive web design, a website appears the same across all platforms. The images, content and structure of the site is the same on a desktop computer and a mobile phone. For example, when a user accesses the site of Ugly Christmas Sweater, he will get a good view of male models wearing crazy sweaters that do not actually look ugly but hilarious. If you use a mobile phone to access the site, what you have seen on the monitor of your desktop computer will retract to fit the small screen of your mobile device. In short, you do not need two different kinds of web designs for various platforms since responsive web design will ensure that your site runs properly on a mobile device no matter the size of its screen.

How much has mobile usage grown?

Hardly is there an individual today who does not own a mobile phone. More and more searches are done using a mobile device than a desktop computer because the phone is more accessible and it does most of the functions of a computer. Approximately 25% of internet users access the web through mobile devices in the United States with 25.85% of emails opened using phones and 10.16% using tablets. Black Friday 2014 broke all records in online shopping. According to new data from IBM, mobile shopping outpaced PC traffic for the very first time. Sites with responsive design like Ugly Christmas Sweater were able to generate online sales through the offer of 5% discount that was clearly visible on the small screen of mobile phones.

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How To Build Trust And Credibility Through Web Design


The internet has become the marketplace for different products and services. Online shopping is now the trend primarily due to convenience and ease with which a purchase can be made using a mobile device. However, there are still many people who have concerns over online shopping because of the lack of trust for a site they are not familiar with and the need to give personal information to make a purchase. It is possible to build trust online by implementing certain tricks in web design.

Proven technologies to increase conversions to your site

Payment logos – one of the worst fears of potential customers is to become a victim of identity theft once their credit card information falls into the wrong hands. To ease the mind of consumers, web design must incorporate a payment logo. If one of your secure payment methods for payment is PayPal, then by all means add the PayPal logo near the purchase buttons as well as the checkout page. If you are accredited by Better Business Bureau, make it known to your potential customers by displaying the logo.

Facebook proof – if you have a decent Facebook following, make sure that your visitors know this information. Facebook can help you establish the authority and security of your website particularly if you have 10,000 followers. How many likes and shares does you product generate every time information is posted? This is social proof of credibility. Believe me; the consumer will search your Facebook page before she makes a purchase on your site.

Testimonials – another proof of credibility is testimonials from your satisfied customers. This will attest to the quality of your product or service and it adds a human element to your site. You can easily request from your loyal customers to write a testimonial on their experiences with your site. Most people would usually identify themselves with the people from the testimonials section.

Useful information – in addition to sales content, make sure you post how-to-guides and tips to build trust among your visitors. Many visitors browse through sites hoping they can find useful information. If you have helpful tips for free, the visitor stays on your site longer until you eventually make a conversion.

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