Rules To Follow When Creating Website Navigation



Whether you are aiming to sell a variety of products like clothing, and food, or if you just want to introduce your company or give out information, you should know that websites can never truly be successful without good navigation. The navigation aspect on web design is important because they greatly affect the experience of the user while in a particular website. If your website’s navigation is crap, you can expect users to become frustrated and leave. You can think of navigation as a gateway to the different areas of your website.

When creating navigation for your website, you should know that there are rules that were set up for you to follow. These rules would guide you into making good website navigation.

  1. Make it easy to find. Since the navigation is the ‘gateway,’ naturally it should be placed some place where people would easily find them. Navigation would only take less space that is why you should make the navigation stand out. Preferably, they should be placed near the topmost area of the website so that the visitors would not have to scroll down just to get to the navigation panel.
  2. Navigation should be consistent. This means that the navigation panel should be consistently found on the same place on each page of your website. Not only that, the navigation should also maintain the same font, the same size and the same style.
  3. Navigation sections should be obvious. When you name sections, make sure to use obvious names that would be able to clearly define what the section contains. ‘About us’ should only be about us and ‘Home’ should only be home.
  4. Navigation should make use of fewer sections. When you have too many navigation buttons in your panel, the visitors might get overwhelmed with the number of choices being presented to them unlike those who are specifically searching for Paper Mart bubble wrap on the Paper Mart website which is well designed. This would also divert them to the more important areas of your websites that is why it is recommended to have only a few sections on the navigation.
  5. Navigation should always remind the users their current location. It is easy to get lost in a website that is why you should make sure to highlight the section names of each websites significantly so that users are reminded of their current whereabouts in the case they get lost.
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Make Your Small Business Go Big With These Web Design Tips


Every business wants to go big. That is probably why people are turning to the internet to help them gain access to a maximum amount of people. Unfortunately, not every business is destined to be successful in the online world. Luckily for you, success has always been determined by how you deliver your business and how your website is designed. Like in the case with, a website whose main purpose is to help the Brony fandom and all those who love My Little Pony gain access to the latest news regarding the brand as well as indulge them with My Little Pony merchandise such as pajamas, shirts and bags.

In order for your online business to go big, you would have to give extra attention with your website’s design.

Here are 5 web design tips to help make your small business go big.

1. Proper Diction is the Key

Observe proper diction on your website. Make sure that they are simple and are easy to understand. Simple words would help you convey your message and your selling tactics much better. Good grammar and proper diction will make your website more credible in the eyes of the viewers.

2. Highlight Your Priorities and Beliefs

Showcasing your value statement is important because this can determine the difference between you and your competitors. You should always make sure that your viewers know what you prioritize and what your core beliefs are.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines will help drive more traffic to your website. More traffic means more conversions. It is recommended that you hire professionals for this because the process can be quite long and tiring.

4. Create Blogs

Blogs are a great for search engine optimization. Blogs are not only useful for your audiences; they can also help you attain higher rankings in the search engine results.

5. It’s All in the Navigation

Navigation is a critical component of a website. If people cannot navigate through your website easily, there is a high chance that they would leave without even seeing the extent of what you can offer them.

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Finding Affordable SEO Companies


For the last decade, the use of Search Engine Optimization has revolutionized the way online marketing has developed. Through the help of SEO, there has been an increasing growth of company revenues and corporate entities are enjoying the use of this online tool. Many people are now seeking the help of SEO to widen their market reach and a lot of companies are searching for affordable SEO companies.

There are affordable SEO companies with complete packages. In Australia, there are a number of affordable SEO Australia companies. Leapfrog Media should be one of the first companies that you might want to check out if you are looking for a company that can deliver you with great quality outputs at affordable prices.

When one says affordability, it means the most cost effective and efficient service. Affordability does not mean unjustified low spending. The service provided by SEO companies are not tangible thereby the quality of service can only be measured by the resulting outcome and the quality of the entire process. When you rate various services providers, you need to keep this in mind.

The following are some considerations that you have to make when finding an affordable SEO company:

• The SEO services provided by the company should be qualitative. You need to scout whether the company can bring your website in the first page ranking result.

• The SEO services provided by the company should be unique. The services have to be tuned into the company’s branding, strategy and priorities.

Below is a list of the characteristics of an SEO company that is affordable:

• Scaled Services. Look for an SEO company that will offer complete packages with features that are relevant to the company’s objective. An affordable SEO company with quality services will allow the client to scale in different SEO benefits and features. The SEO Company would then recommend the needed features for your website while still in line with your budgetary requirements.

• Fully featured services. This characteristic means that all of the aspects relating to the SEO are also availed by the provider. This also means that the provider of your choice creates comprehensive services that involve content management, inbound marketing strategy development, social media management, CMS, Lead Generation Strategies and e-commerce packages.

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How To Make Your Real Estate Website More Interesting

Real Estate

In these modern times, everyone who has a business will most likely have a website especially millennials. A website is a gateway of opportunity reaching audiences far and wide so it is never a surprise that most realtors have their own websites nowadays. It is the best marketing tool and could make or break the success in the business. Almost all home buyers would check out the internet to find out house and land packages before contacting the company. With these reasons, it is important more than ever that your website should attract online users and turn clicks into sales.

The first thing the users would notice upon checking your website is the design. This is easy if you have the money to pay for a professional in the field of web design but it can be a little tricky if you are a beginner in web designing.
To sell those house and land packages, you should give out the idea that you are not like any other realtor and what best way to show that than to design a website that is far more different than your competitors. The challenge is finding a good idea that hasn’t been owned yet by another realtor. One good thing about web designing nowadays is you could personalize every part of your site. Just remember never to copy ideas because it might stir some copyright trouble.

A respectable real estate company has his own logo and it is only fitting that it should be seen on your website. That doesn’t mean you can put it wherever and however. Make sure the color scheme of the website complements the ones on the logo. Your logo should be a good place to start when designing your website.

After the color scheme, next thing you should focus on are the texts used and the font size. Do not put several paragraphs and long sentences into the homepage. Though they would love to learn more about the house and land packages and anything about the company, a brief and concise construction is more suited for a more professional looking page.

Last thing to remember is to refrain from creating clutter and make the website as user friendly as possible.

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Responsive Web Design Opens A New User Experience

Responsive Web Design Opens A New User Experience

While cloud computing allows people to store, manage and access their files using their different devices, responsive web design allows people to enjoy different websites interface from any of their devices.

Responsive web design (RWD) makes it possible for people to use their mobile devices without compromising the viewing quality, by adjusting the web interface based on the resolution of the device screen. It makes the website viewable from a tablet, or a computer screen, or even a smartphone. Such adjustments imply that as new technology emerges, all other supplements follow suit. Also, web designers take their abilities to the next level with RWD, by keeping in mind the users’ experience and environment. Indeed, RWD makes the world of web design future ready.

Gone are the days of rigid layouts for websites. Flexible images are now adjusted automatically giving more options for design. With the rise of tablets, the images can easily shift from portrait to landscape. In the same way, this flexibility enabled smooth switching from a tablet screen to a computer screen and vice versa.

Not only are the images aptly fit the screen, the contents are easily read this time with RWD. Before, fonts would become smaller when screens would switch, but now even the fonts are proportional to the size of the screen. RWD is a good breather from the frustrations of monotonous websites. From now on, even if people change their device, they will not feel much difference, and will even be delighted with the fresh change they see on their devices.

It is important that web designers and developers, for that matter, have a keen eye for the latest technological needs. They are always on the lookout for ways to better customize the website environment to attract more consumers.

Responsive Web Design opens a whole lot of probabilities and options for the designers. It also helps in creating solutions that are suitable for the latest gadgets. They tend to foretell what the future holds and what might be adjusted in order to make the consumers’ experience worthwhile. After all, the goal of each designer is to deliver and make the website user friendly and interactive.

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Why Should You Get A Personal Tutor For Your Child?

Why Should You Get A Personal Tutor For Your Child

Education is of the utmost importance for most of the human population. Education builds your child a strong foundation for his or her future. Unfortunately there are lots of children and teenagers who struggle with their studies. Some find it difficult to learn a certain subject. If a child is struggling and experiencing difficulties in his/her studies, then it might lead to the child giving up on education. If you don’t want that to happen to your child, there is a solution. You can always hire a tutor to help your child out. A personal tutor can be very effective for the improvement of your child’s studies. Tutors don’t have to be licensed teachers; they could be students who had taken the subject even as a minor during college. Here are some reasons why you should hire a tutor.

  1. To help improve their learning capabilities. As stated above, tutors can help with the difficulties of your child on a certain subject. Tutoring gives the child a better learning experience because all the attention and time is focused on helping your child cope up with his/her studies unlike in a classroom setting where the teacher’s attention is divided among the students. The child will be able to ask questions without having to be ashamed.
  2. To help them get ahead among their peers. Tutors can help your child gain an edge against the many competitions in school. Don’t deny the fact that the world is a competitive place. Staying ahead is always better than getting left behind.
  3. To help your child with his/her self esteem. Teenagers and kids who experience difficulties with their studies often find it hard to socialize with other students. They tend to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Hiring a tutor can help your child improve his/her grades thus also helping with your kid’s self esteem.

Education is the key to a brighter future. It is your job as parents to do everything in your power to help your children achieve a sustainable future. So if ever your child experiences difficulty on a certain subject, be sure to hire a good tutor. Tutoring can help enhance your child’s academic performance. One way to hire a good tutor is through online tutorial companies. The internet can provide you with many tutorial companies who are based around your area. With tutorial help, you wouldn’t have to worry about your child’s educational state.

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How The Right Choice Of Color For Web Design Impacts On The Viewer

Color Schemes

Color is one of the important elements of web design because it affects the mood of the viewers. Web design of Real Housewives of Orange County makes generous use of white space but navigation is highlighted by a purple color that means beauty and inspiration. The combination of white and purple in web design is consistent through the site creating a harmonious effect that achieves the desired results. Having the right color scheme is important in attaining a high quality website that will appeal to visitors.

Understanding the importance of color scheme in website design

In web design, one the first steps is understanding the color wheel where colors are grouped as primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. The combination of colors for the website will depend on format and content and not the favorite colors of the web designer since they may not be apt for the subject of the site. Usually, the choice of the right color combination is made by mixing several colors and determining whether they will work well together. In website design, colors should not be too bright or flashy otherwise they can distract the viewer from the content. Color is often the first thing that will be noticed by the visitor and it is one of the elements that will create a first impression.

Why the right choice of colors matter

The right choice of color stems from its significance to the human mind since there are colors that can express messages or generate certain emotions. For example, red is a bold color that has different meanings among culture and if you will combine red with green it is closely associated to Christmas. Choosing colors for a website is often associated with branding. However, it is also important to consider that colors chosen individually may not work when mixed. Combining colors is an art and it takes a lot of efforts to mix colors that will strengthen the site and promote the brand. In many instances, if the color scheme is limited to 2 or 3 colors with different variations in shade, it means smaller file sizes for faster loading.

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Importance Of Responsive Web Design For Businesses

Word cloud - web design

According to the global mobile phone statistics released by mobiForge, there are nearly 7 billion mobile subscribers in the world today which is equivalent to 95.5% of the world’s population. If at least 50% of these mobile phone subscribers will use their devices for online shopping, how much sales will an ecommerce site generate? If your website is not optimized for mobile platforms, your business loses the opportunity to make a sale. There is actually a web design that caters to all platforms and this is called the responsive web design.

What is a responsive web design?

By responsive web design, a website appears the same across all platforms. The images, content and structure of the site is the same on a desktop computer and a mobile phone. For example, when a user accesses the site of Ugly Christmas Sweater, he will get a good view of male models wearing crazy sweaters that do not actually look ugly but hilarious. If you use a mobile phone to access the site, what you have seen on the monitor of your desktop computer will retract to fit the small screen of your mobile device. In short, you do not need two different kinds of web designs for various platforms since responsive web design will ensure that your site runs properly on a mobile device no matter the size of its screen.

How much has mobile usage grown?

Hardly is there an individual today who does not own a mobile phone. More and more searches are done using a mobile device than a desktop computer because the phone is more accessible and it does most of the functions of a computer. Approximately 25% of internet users access the web through mobile devices in the United States with 25.85% of emails opened using phones and 10.16% using tablets. Black Friday 2014 broke all records in online shopping. According to new data from IBM, mobile shopping outpaced PC traffic for the very first time. Sites with responsive design like Ugly Christmas Sweater were able to generate online sales through the offer of 5% discount that was clearly visible on the small screen of mobile phones.

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How To Build Trust And Credibility Through Web Design


The internet has become the marketplace for different products and services. Online shopping is now the trend primarily due to convenience and ease with which a purchase can be made using a mobile device. However, there are still many people who have concerns over online shopping because of the lack of trust for a site they are not familiar with and the need to give personal information to make a purchase. It is possible to build trust online by implementing certain tricks in web design.

Proven technologies to increase conversions to your site

Payment logos – one of the worst fears of potential customers is to become a victim of identity theft once their credit card information falls into the wrong hands. To ease the mind of consumers, web design must incorporate a payment logo. If one of your secure payment methods for payment is PayPal, then by all means add the PayPal logo near the purchase buttons as well as the checkout page. If you are accredited by Better Business Bureau, make it known to your potential customers by displaying the logo.

Facebook proof – if you have a decent Facebook following, make sure that your visitors know this information. Facebook can help you establish the authority and security of your website particularly if you have 10,000 followers. How many likes and shares does you product generate every time information is posted? This is social proof of credibility. Believe me; the consumer will search your Facebook page before she makes a purchase on your site.

Testimonials – another proof of credibility is testimonials from your satisfied customers. This will attest to the quality of your product or service and it adds a human element to your site. You can easily request from your loyal customers to write a testimonial on their experiences with your site. Most people would usually identify themselves with the people from the testimonials section.

Useful information – in addition to sales content, make sure you post how-to-guides and tips to build trust among your visitors. Many visitors browse through sites hoping they can find useful information. If you have helpful tips for free, the visitor stays on your site longer until you eventually make a conversion.

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