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Choosing Between Wool And Down Comforter

When you are buying a comforter, the choice usually depends on whether wool is better than down. Wool is a natural fibre that comes from sheep and other animals like goats. The best quality of wool comes from the Merino sheep. On the other hand, down comes from duck and goose feathers. A comforter that is filled with down is light in weight but delivers efficient warmth during cold nights.

Wool vs. down comforter

One of the first questions to ask when choosing between a wool and down duvet is how well it regulates temperature. Insulation is not the only important thing to enjoy a comfortable sleep; the body needs to remain at a stable temperature not warm or toasty. The best duvet filling must keep the body cool as the temperature rises.

Duvets filled with goose down are good insulators because they trap a lot of air. The drawback to a down duvet is it doesn’t breathe very well. When it starts to get really warm in bed, the tendency is to sweat. The moisture that will be left behind will get trapped making you feel clammy and uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, wool has natural insulating capabilities that trap dry and warm air near the skin during cold nights but helps pull away heat and moisture from the body when it is warm. A wool duvet ensures a good night’s sleep regardless of whether the climate is warm or cold.

If you are one of those who suffer from allergies, your best option is a duvet that is hypoallergenic. Dust mites can trigger allergic reactions. Wool duvets are considered better for allergy sufferers because it does not trap moisture where dust mites can thrive. You are guaranteed a clean and dry sleep environment with a wool duvet that wicks moisture away when it is warm and keeps you snug when it is cold.

Many people are amazed by comforters made in America because they remain in the best condition even after several washings. There is nothing like having a comforter that is crafted, designed, and made by mothers in the USA particularly nowadays when almost everything is imported from other countries.

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