How Color Impacts On Readability And User Experience

Color is always a deciding factor when a customer makes a purchasing decision. Color can also influence the way a website can form a first impression among web users; it can either catch attention or it can make a viewer dismayed. It is very crucial for the website designer to research on colors that will appeal to a target audience. The results will play a large part in determining the color scheme that is ideal for the website whether it is about children’s clothing, toys, automobiles or packaging supplies.

Factors to consider when choosing a color scheme

Companies usually have their logos and they want the colors to be incorporated into website design. The web designer must be firm enough not to be swayed by the suggestion if the colors of the logo will negatively impact on the aesthetics of the website. It is part of the web designer’s role to be able to explain that some colors are not effective for website design because they have a different meaning in the culture of the target audience.

Text is harder to read on the monitor of a computer than when reading it on paper. If text is light colored, the background of the website must be dark for ease of reading. White background with black text is the most common but other color combinations can be used for navigation links or buttons to generate more attention. Contrast is very important so that text be readable which means that you cannot use yellow for text on a white background even if the client’s favorite color happens to be bright yellow.

Another issue that must be considered is the antiquated graphic hardware of some web users that cannot display color correctly. In order to solve this issue, it is suggested to stick to browser-safe colors of 256 or 216 colors that can be accurately displayed in all kinds of browsers and hardware environments. While this is a limitation that is not always welcomed by web designers, it is the only way to ensure that all web users will be able to view website content at its best. It will also ensure that the site will load quickly.

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