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The Process Of Web Design And Development

There are numerous steps in web design that were used in building the website for TV Store online. Our website is an integral part of our business that is why all efforts have been made to ensure that it is professionally and creatively designed to optimize the exposure of our Movie costumes. In the competitive world of the internet, it is significant for a business to maximize its exposure on a global basis and the task of web design must be performed by professional website designers and developers.

The process of web design and development

Research – the process of information gathering involves extensive research of the target audience and the market. Research should provide a solid understanding of consumer wants and preferences so that they can be utilized in building the site. Content will be based on the kind of information that potential consumers will look for when they access the site.

Planning – is the process of putting together all information that has been gathered. This will serve as the basis for the content as well as in the development of a navigation system that will be easy to understand. It is always important to keep in mind that the end user will be buying the product and not the search engines.

Design – the target audience must always be considered in website design. For example, TV Store online was designed for consumers who are looking for Movie costumes inspired by popular films. Various elements have been emphasized particularly color to improve user experience.

Development – is the stage where the website is created with elements that include content management system (CMS), interactive contact forms and ecommerce shopping carts. During the development phase, these elements are implemented and made functional.

Testing and delivery – includes the complete functionality of the site and web scripts so that compatibility issues can be solved. Testing will ensure that the website is optimized to be viewed properly in different browser versions. As part of the testing process, the web designer checks whether the codes written for the website validates and meets current web development standards.

Maintenance – after the site has been designed and developed, the work does not end there since the site must be regularly updated with new content and information.

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