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How The Right Choice Of Color For Web Design Impacts On The Viewer

Color is one of the important elements of web design because it affects the mood of the viewers. Web design of Real Housewives of Orange County makes generous use of white space but navigation is highlighted by a purple color that means beauty and inspiration. The combination of white and purple in web design is consistent through the site creating a harmonious effect that achieves the desired results. Having the right color scheme is important in attaining a high quality website that will appeal to visitors.

Understanding the importance of color scheme in website design

In web design, one the first steps is understanding the color wheel where colors are grouped as primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. The combination of colors for the website will depend on format and content and not the favorite colors of the web designer since they may not be apt for the subject of the site. Usually, the choice of the right color combination is made by mixing several colors and determining whether they will work well together. In website design, colors should not be too bright or flashy otherwise they can distract the viewer from the content. Color is often the first thing that will be noticed by the visitor and it is one of the elements that will create a first impression.

Why the right choice of colors matter

The right choice of color stems from its significance to the human mind since there are colors that can express messages or generate certain emotions. For example, red is a bold color that has different meanings among culture and if you will combine red with green it is closely associated to Christmas. Choosing colors for a website is often associated with branding. However, it is also important to consider that colors chosen individually may not work when mixed. Combining colors is an art and it takes a lot of efforts to mix colors that will strengthen the site and promote the brand. In many instances, if the color scheme is limited to 2 or 3 colors with different variations in shade, it means smaller file sizes for faster loading.

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