The Importance Of Appropriate Color Combination In Web Design

Map illustrations created by Maria Rabinky include a creative color palette to add warmth to the hand-drawn landscape details. Similarly, web design also requires an appropriate color combination to generate a positive impact among users. According to psychologists, people are susceptible to an unconscious level to the color scheme used in web design.

It is very critical for a web designer to choose the right colors that will influence a visitor to stay longer on the site and take the necessary action that the website desires. For example, if the products being sold are associated with the environment, it would be highly inappropriate to use red or orange. The best colors that will match with the product are greens and earth tones.

The target audience must always be considered when choosing the appropriate color for web design. The colors used to attract senior clients may not fare well with younger audiences. There are certain colors like extremely bright yellow and blue that can result in eye fatigue. Users will leave the website immediately if they do not appreciate the colors used.

Web designers must always use a different color for the background so that the focus will be on content. It is also more convenient for most people to read black text because it is easy on the eyes. Visitors must not struggle to read the information that the website wants to provide.

Websites that create a lot of impact are those that use colors to a minimum. It is easier to highlight a message by making web design simple. The product offered will dictate the right color for the website. For example, red which is a very powerful color can influence a visitor to take action by using it to highlight “Book now” or “Reserve now.”  Blue is relaxing and has a very high trust value however it must not be used as text color.

A skillful combination of colors and images is used by Maria Rabinky to give life to her map illustrations. Map illustrators must have the talent to capture an interesting moment in time and provide it with the necessary details to deliver a realistic feeling.

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