Web Design Trends You Can Look Forward To

We have been conversing with those guys from Perth Web Design about their insights on web design trends for 2015. These guys prefer simplicity and efficiency because it is easily understood by viewers. Give viewers a complex design and your site will be ignored. We would like to share with you their views on the essentials of web design that you need to look forward to this year.

Responsive web design will continue to grow

Most websites have been adopted for mobile and in 2015, it is expected that more websites will convert to responsive web design so that they will not miss the opportunities presented by mobile internet usage. Because people are increasingly using their mobile gadgets in accessing the web, it is important for a website to be mobile friendly.

Responsive web design means that all website content will remain the same no matter what platform is used. With the introduction of smart watches in 2015, it becomes more important for websites to provide a seamless experience for their users.

3D elements in web design

Flat design is a huge trend but it does not allow web designers to use their creativity. What web designers do is use some 3D text effect elements in the landing pages with the rest of the pages in flat design. A few years ago, 3D elements were the trend in web design because of the advent of HTML5 and CSS3 and some of the sites that used 3D still look great. It is only important for the web designer to balance the intricacies of 3D elements so that design will remain simple and effective.

Bigger, bolder and better typography

Web design is still 95% typography because users need to read a lot of text for the necessary information. Typography needs a lot of attention from web designers because it affects usability and the aesthetics of the site. Typography is also one of the ways of delivering brand message. In 2015, expect bigger and bolder fonts to enhance the reading experience of users. In responsive web design, typography also matters because mobile users will not be required to strain their eyes to read information.

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